Monday, July 6, 2009

July 2009

Wow, June is gone and we are running into July. I hope everyone had a nice July 4th weekend. We did a lot of fun stuff. Friday night my friend Elaine and I went to Park City to the Canyon's Resort to hear a free concert and to watch fireworks. Well the band wasn't that great and we were told we didn't drink enough to appreciate them. We left the band and went shopping instead; we got to the stores to late as we only had an hour or less to look around and try a few things on. After we went shopping we went back towards the Canyon's Resort to watch the fireworks. Well unfortunately they were just as pitiful as the band. The only nice thing I have to say about our experience is that we had a nice dinner and a great waiter. We got our meal for half price and he was very friendly and courteous to us. Go to the Cabin Restaurant at the Lodge in the Canyons. You'll enjoy your experience.

Saturday was dialysis day with mom and we drove down to Provo at 7am to be at the dialysis center by 8am. On the drive down we could see 15 hot air balloons. It was the Provo Freedom Days and it is a competition for the balloon owners. They take off and have certain spots they have to land and take off again. That was what one of the nurses was telling us at the center. I went to the farmer's market in Provo thinking it was something else. It was a cute vendor spot not so much farmer's market. I wanted to go to the carnival that was going on; but I couldn't find a place to park and I didn't have a lot of time either. I met Elaine for lunch and then got my mom and went home.
That night we went to Midway's Zermatt Hotel to watch the Sound of Music. It was really good and one of the cast members is in my ward and she played the main character Maria. She did an awesome job. We watched the fireworks also from the Zermatt outside during intermission and they were much better than the Park City fireworks.

Sunday, Greg, Elaine and I went to Mirror Lake in Kamas and went fishing and laid out and relaxed. Unfortunately I had a terrible headache all day long and just couldn't get rid of it. We drove all the way around and back through Evanston, Wyoming. We don't live to far from the border. We got home around 630 and we were tired. We all went to bed early.

For my birthday we are thinking about going to Lagoon and the water park on the 19th as that is a day we all have off together. Mom doesn't want to go; I'll try to convince her otherwise. She needs to get out more and I think the sunshine will do her good. We'll see what happens.

Everyone have a great July. I'll to post some photos we took over the last few days.

Monday, June 1, 2009

May what a Whirl

May came and gone so quickly that here it is the 1st of June. Let me begin with that my mom came home from the care center May 9th. We've been learning her new medications and needles as she has to take shots. We also have her scheduled for Dialysis in Provo instead of SLC as it is just to far and we know more people that go to Provo then to SLC that can help us with rides. Our schedule is Greg (my hubby) on Tuesdays, our ward RS on Thursday and I take her on Saturdays. It has worked out pretty well. Last week was a bit of a mess but we managed to make it to Saturday.

May 25th was Greg & mine 7th wedding anniversary, we went to Logan and spent a night at the Anniversary Inn and went fishing. I got sunburned on my arms and I sat in the car reading a book. Fishing & I don't mesh very well. My good friend Elaine stayed with my mom and took her to dialysis on Tuesday for us (Thanks so much). We had a fabulous time.

May 27th my mom had eye surgery to remove a blood clot in her right eye. She is doing well and looks like a cyborg from Star Trek. Her eye is red (bloody) from surgery but with the eye drops it is getting better. The bad news is the doctor noticed that a cateract is growing in her eye she just had surgery on. It was kind of a disappointment as she was hoping this would clear up her vision enough to be more independent. But it is too early to tell. It will be two weeks before we see the eye doctor for a second checkup. We'll know more by then we hope. If we have to do a second surgery for the cateract we'll schedule it ASAP, she really wants to see again.

May 28th mom went to dialysis but it didn't go well. Long story short her arms wouldn't stop bleeding after they removed the needles. She couldn't be left alone and I'm glad that the Relief Society President was with her. I called the home health care nurse and they stayed with her until I got home at 4pm. By the time I got home the bleeding had stopped and mom was sleeping. She was exhausted from all the fun we've had this week. She slept until 6pm and we gave her a pain pill for bed time as her eye and arms were sore.

May 29th was her follow up after surgery and it wasn't with the doctor that did the surgery which is okay, he said just to make sure to use the eye drops 4x a day and not to do too much over exertion or straining with her eye for a week. I think it has gone pretty well.

May 30th was Saturday we got up and went to dialysis and it went well. My mom slept for a good 2 1/2 hours. She hasn't been sleeping very well; or it is just that she is sleeping too much and bedtime comes and she's not tired enough to sleep. It could also be the pain medication as it can make you feel energized instead of sleepy. We went to lunch and shopping then we went home.

May 31st was Sunday and I put my back out. I took a pain med and it wacked me out all day, I slept on the couch and put my feet up. It was a crazy week. Hopefully this week won't be so crazy.

June will be a little less hectic I hope.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shopping & Eating

I had a great weekend visit with my good friend Elaine (Frank) Tiffany. She was in St. George looking for work and we talked about getting together. She drove up on Friday and she got to our house around 6:30pm. We sat in my kitchen and I made chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes for dinner. We then played Rock Band and Mario Party 8 on the Wii. That was a lot of fun. Greg won first place, Elaine second place, the computer was third and I was fourth. I know pretty sad when it is your game.

Saturday we got up pretty early 7am and got ready to leave by 8am. We drove to Park City in the snow; great it was snowing again; but we went to breakfast at one of the hotels in Park City and had a $4.99 breakfast. It was really good and not at all filling; you felt just right. We drove down to the outlet mall and went shopping. We had some great deals and great coupons as well. They had a 20% coupon for almost anywhere in the outlet. We had some great deals. I think I spent close to 150 and Elaine spent maybe $50. She had the best deal. A pair of boots that originally were $98, but they were on the clearance rack with a 75% sticker on it, plus the store had a 15% deal on everything and then she had the 20% coupon she got those boots for $14.00. We then went to lunch at a cafe and had sandwiches which were fabulous and then we drove down to SL to visit my mom for a little while.

After my mom we went to another mall and I found a shirt that was marked down to 19.99 and they were having a 50% sale and got the shirt for $10. We then drove back up to Park City to the outlet and I bought two pairs of jeans from Old Navy for 20/a pair. We then stopped and had pizza and salad. We took the leftovers home to Greg. We were so exhausted that we went to bed at 930pm.

We all slept in for Sunday and didn't get up until 8am. We had french toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast and Elaine wanted to take a drive around our little town. So we drove around and took some photos and decided that she'll have to come back for summer so we can do this all over again. Elaine left around 12 noon and headed back down to St. George. We had a fabulous time. Needless to say I was totally exhausted and took a nap and a hot bath.

Friday, March 6, 2009

One More Time

Well Mom is scheduled for surgery on the 18th for her permanent fistulas in her arm. She is actually quite glad that it has a date and we can start planning the training and getting her home soon.
I also want to say how much I love my husband for being so patient and loving through this hard time. I don't think I could have done what I've done without his support. He's been so caring and understanding and I'm glad that he is my eternal companion. I know I can depend on him when life gets tough.
To all my friends that have sent me messages of support thank you so much; I'm glad that I have you in my life to make it a little easier. This is a short message; but nothing has been happening around here. It has settled a bit and now we just have to wait. Love to you all and thank you again for your help and support.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom's Recovery

Well mom is now in a rehab center getting some great care. She is started a new step in life of dialysis. Dialysis is for people who's kidneys stop functioning. Well that is what has happened to my mom. In fact in 1 week of dialysis she has lost 100 pounds of fluid which her kidneys were not getting rid of for her. I went and saw her on Saturday and she looks great. She even looks thinner to me; but I see her all the time and have noticed a great difference. Granted she has a ways to go to get all that fluid off of her but it's a great start. Mom says "It's the best diet I have ever been on, although I wouldn't recommend it". She is so funny. I brought her a few of her favorite treats also which we hid in her side table.
Mom requested to be on the waiting list for a private room as now she has a roommate that whines a lot according to mom. But also she has dialysis so early in the morning that she doesn't want to be disruptive to those around her. We stayed through her physical therapy and left to go home for dinner. Fred accompanied me to visit mom and he and mom talked a lot. She was glad he came to visit her. I'm just glad he had the day off and I could stay longer than shorter. It was a nice visit and we talked about her doctor's appointments this week. She has two one with a vascular surgeon and the other with her orthopedist (ankle-yes we are still trying to get healed). I'm not sure who her Nephrologist (kidney doctors) is as they are changing her doctor since she started dialysis. I really liked her kidney doctors they were very kind and always willing to talk to me about my mom and her condition. I probably called them weekly if not daily depending on how mom was feeling. She really didn't feel well when they finally decided it was time to start dialysis.
She stayed at St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake for 5 days. She has been a real trooper through this entire ordeal and has been very happy for the most part. But I think just the fact that she is feeling better gives her that boost in attitude to continue on.

Well that is the latest; she is doing well and is feeling good too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom's Next Adventure

Well let's start with Tuesday night. Greg & I went out to dinner with Greg's brother & his wife in Sandy. When we got home around 9:30pm mom called me into her room and said that her ankle was really sore and felt swollen. She said when she stood up she heard a crunch and popping sound on her ankle that she just had surgery on the week before. I gave her a 1/2 percocet and we went to bed. Around 1am mom was calling for me and was in total agony so I gave her another percocet (full dose) and we then called the ambulance to come and get her to take her to the hospital. They did x-rays on her ankle and everything looked great nothing moved didn't see anything changed. I had them keep her over night for observation.

Next day I called the hospital and they said they were releasing her as the x-ray technician also said no change and that it was all good. I proceeded to get things ready to get her to come home. Her kidney doctor calls me 10 minutes before I'm suppose to have everyone meet to bring her home telling me that they are transferring her to St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake because her labs came back and they weren't good. That her numbers have fluctuated way too much from month to month that I think I need to see her, he said. I rushed to the hospital and we talked and mom said "Did you hear the latest" I said I had. We got her dressed and ready for transport that took place around 1130am they left. I ran home and threw a few things into a bag grabbed her CPAP (breathing machine for sleep apnea) and drove to Salt Lake to St. Mark's hospital.

When I got to her room the doctor was there and was discussing what he thinks needs to happen. Around 3:30p they took her down and the put in a catheter in her neck to start dialysis treatments today. She should be getting her first treatment of 2 hours anytime. Tomorrow will be 2 1/2 hours and Saturday will be 3 hours they progress to 4 hours per treatment. Our next step is figuring how to get her to the U of U for her treatments when she finally comes back home. She seems to be in good spirits through this whole mess but I think it is because she knows she'll feel better once they start this treatment. I'll try my best to make updates; but I haven't been very good about that lately. Just check back often and see if there is anything new.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well mom is currently in the hospital to have surgery on her left ankle. She hasn't gone under when I left but should be shortly. Hopefully all will go well. We'll just wait and see. All of her vitals were good and normal. Blood sugar 84, blood pressure 124/69, pulse 79. Oxygen levels I know they were checking them since she has a CPAP machine for sleep apnea; not sure what they were.

Mom looked good she was tired and hungry since she hasn't eaten since 10pm last night. I gave her a PB & J sandwich to help sustain her through this ordeal. We'll see how it goes. They'll put her under general anesthesia and I know I didn't wake up well and was sick for 2 weeks after the surgery with general anesthesia. But mom seemed to be fine with it.

The hospital wanted her to wait until noon to come and not eat anything from midnight on and I called them back and said I don't think so. She is a diabetic with renal failure and you want her to go 12 hours without food or water. You are crazy; I said if we have to we'll reschedule the surgery to put her in the morning; but not at 12 noon. Well they got the schedule moved around and it is earlier but not much better. She already told me what she wants to eat when she gets home. Two scrambled eggs, and a salad. Also a piece of candy with sugar not sugar free stuff either. I'll bring her a couple of jelly dots; one of her favorites.

I'll try to update this today once I hear more.