Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom's Recovery

Well mom is now in a rehab center getting some great care. She is started a new step in life of dialysis. Dialysis is for people who's kidneys stop functioning. Well that is what has happened to my mom. In fact in 1 week of dialysis she has lost 100 pounds of fluid which her kidneys were not getting rid of for her. I went and saw her on Saturday and she looks great. She even looks thinner to me; but I see her all the time and have noticed a great difference. Granted she has a ways to go to get all that fluid off of her but it's a great start. Mom says "It's the best diet I have ever been on, although I wouldn't recommend it". She is so funny. I brought her a few of her favorite treats also which we hid in her side table.
Mom requested to be on the waiting list for a private room as now she has a roommate that whines a lot according to mom. But also she has dialysis so early in the morning that she doesn't want to be disruptive to those around her. We stayed through her physical therapy and left to go home for dinner. Fred accompanied me to visit mom and he and mom talked a lot. She was glad he came to visit her. I'm just glad he had the day off and I could stay longer than shorter. It was a nice visit and we talked about her doctor's appointments this week. She has two one with a vascular surgeon and the other with her orthopedist (ankle-yes we are still trying to get healed). I'm not sure who her Nephrologist (kidney doctors) is as they are changing her doctor since she started dialysis. I really liked her kidney doctors they were very kind and always willing to talk to me about my mom and her condition. I probably called them weekly if not daily depending on how mom was feeling. She really didn't feel well when they finally decided it was time to start dialysis.
She stayed at St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake for 5 days. She has been a real trooper through this entire ordeal and has been very happy for the most part. But I think just the fact that she is feeling better gives her that boost in attitude to continue on.

Well that is the latest; she is doing well and is feeling good too.


AmberBaker said...

Thank you so much for giving us updates on mom. How are you holding up through al this?

Cope Family said...

I'm holding pretty well; thanks for caring. It has settled down quite a bit for us since now all we can do is wait. She is out of the woods as far as health wise. She still has to deal with everyday things but it is a lot less tense for all of us.