Monday, July 6, 2009

July 2009

Wow, June is gone and we are running into July. I hope everyone had a nice July 4th weekend. We did a lot of fun stuff. Friday night my friend Elaine and I went to Park City to the Canyon's Resort to hear a free concert and to watch fireworks. Well the band wasn't that great and we were told we didn't drink enough to appreciate them. We left the band and went shopping instead; we got to the stores to late as we only had an hour or less to look around and try a few things on. After we went shopping we went back towards the Canyon's Resort to watch the fireworks. Well unfortunately they were just as pitiful as the band. The only nice thing I have to say about our experience is that we had a nice dinner and a great waiter. We got our meal for half price and he was very friendly and courteous to us. Go to the Cabin Restaurant at the Lodge in the Canyons. You'll enjoy your experience.

Saturday was dialysis day with mom and we drove down to Provo at 7am to be at the dialysis center by 8am. On the drive down we could see 15 hot air balloons. It was the Provo Freedom Days and it is a competition for the balloon owners. They take off and have certain spots they have to land and take off again. That was what one of the nurses was telling us at the center. I went to the farmer's market in Provo thinking it was something else. It was a cute vendor spot not so much farmer's market. I wanted to go to the carnival that was going on; but I couldn't find a place to park and I didn't have a lot of time either. I met Elaine for lunch and then got my mom and went home.
That night we went to Midway's Zermatt Hotel to watch the Sound of Music. It was really good and one of the cast members is in my ward and she played the main character Maria. She did an awesome job. We watched the fireworks also from the Zermatt outside during intermission and they were much better than the Park City fireworks.

Sunday, Greg, Elaine and I went to Mirror Lake in Kamas and went fishing and laid out and relaxed. Unfortunately I had a terrible headache all day long and just couldn't get rid of it. We drove all the way around and back through Evanston, Wyoming. We don't live to far from the border. We got home around 630 and we were tired. We all went to bed early.

For my birthday we are thinking about going to Lagoon and the water park on the 19th as that is a day we all have off together. Mom doesn't want to go; I'll try to convince her otherwise. She needs to get out more and I think the sunshine will do her good. We'll see what happens.

Everyone have a great July. I'll to post some photos we took over the last few days.

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