Monday, June 1, 2009

May what a Whirl

May came and gone so quickly that here it is the 1st of June. Let me begin with that my mom came home from the care center May 9th. We've been learning her new medications and needles as she has to take shots. We also have her scheduled for Dialysis in Provo instead of SLC as it is just to far and we know more people that go to Provo then to SLC that can help us with rides. Our schedule is Greg (my hubby) on Tuesdays, our ward RS on Thursday and I take her on Saturdays. It has worked out pretty well. Last week was a bit of a mess but we managed to make it to Saturday.

May 25th was Greg & mine 7th wedding anniversary, we went to Logan and spent a night at the Anniversary Inn and went fishing. I got sunburned on my arms and I sat in the car reading a book. Fishing & I don't mesh very well. My good friend Elaine stayed with my mom and took her to dialysis on Tuesday for us (Thanks so much). We had a fabulous time.

May 27th my mom had eye surgery to remove a blood clot in her right eye. She is doing well and looks like a cyborg from Star Trek. Her eye is red (bloody) from surgery but with the eye drops it is getting better. The bad news is the doctor noticed that a cateract is growing in her eye she just had surgery on. It was kind of a disappointment as she was hoping this would clear up her vision enough to be more independent. But it is too early to tell. It will be two weeks before we see the eye doctor for a second checkup. We'll know more by then we hope. If we have to do a second surgery for the cateract we'll schedule it ASAP, she really wants to see again.

May 28th mom went to dialysis but it didn't go well. Long story short her arms wouldn't stop bleeding after they removed the needles. She couldn't be left alone and I'm glad that the Relief Society President was with her. I called the home health care nurse and they stayed with her until I got home at 4pm. By the time I got home the bleeding had stopped and mom was sleeping. She was exhausted from all the fun we've had this week. She slept until 6pm and we gave her a pain pill for bed time as her eye and arms were sore.

May 29th was her follow up after surgery and it wasn't with the doctor that did the surgery which is okay, he said just to make sure to use the eye drops 4x a day and not to do too much over exertion or straining with her eye for a week. I think it has gone pretty well.

May 30th was Saturday we got up and went to dialysis and it went well. My mom slept for a good 2 1/2 hours. She hasn't been sleeping very well; or it is just that she is sleeping too much and bedtime comes and she's not tired enough to sleep. It could also be the pain medication as it can make you feel energized instead of sleepy. We went to lunch and shopping then we went home.

May 31st was Sunday and I put my back out. I took a pain med and it wacked me out all day, I slept on the couch and put my feet up. It was a crazy week. Hopefully this week won't be so crazy.

June will be a little less hectic I hope.

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