Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shopping & Eating

I had a great weekend visit with my good friend Elaine (Frank) Tiffany. She was in St. George looking for work and we talked about getting together. She drove up on Friday and she got to our house around 6:30pm. We sat in my kitchen and I made chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes for dinner. We then played Rock Band and Mario Party 8 on the Wii. That was a lot of fun. Greg won first place, Elaine second place, the computer was third and I was fourth. I know pretty sad when it is your game.

Saturday we got up pretty early 7am and got ready to leave by 8am. We drove to Park City in the snow; great it was snowing again; but we went to breakfast at one of the hotels in Park City and had a $4.99 breakfast. It was really good and not at all filling; you felt just right. We drove down to the outlet mall and went shopping. We had some great deals and great coupons as well. They had a 20% coupon for almost anywhere in the outlet. We had some great deals. I think I spent close to 150 and Elaine spent maybe $50. She had the best deal. A pair of boots that originally were $98, but they were on the clearance rack with a 75% sticker on it, plus the store had a 15% deal on everything and then she had the 20% coupon she got those boots for $14.00. We then went to lunch at a cafe and had sandwiches which were fabulous and then we drove down to SL to visit my mom for a little while.

After my mom we went to another mall and I found a shirt that was marked down to 19.99 and they were having a 50% sale and got the shirt for $10. We then drove back up to Park City to the outlet and I bought two pairs of jeans from Old Navy for 20/a pair. We then stopped and had pizza and salad. We took the leftovers home to Greg. We were so exhausted that we went to bed at 930pm.

We all slept in for Sunday and didn't get up until 8am. We had french toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast and Elaine wanted to take a drive around our little town. So we drove around and took some photos and decided that she'll have to come back for summer so we can do this all over again. Elaine left around 12 noon and headed back down to St. George. We had a fabulous time. Needless to say I was totally exhausted and took a nap and a hot bath.

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