Monday, February 2, 2009


Well mom is currently in the hospital to have surgery on her left ankle. She hasn't gone under when I left but should be shortly. Hopefully all will go well. We'll just wait and see. All of her vitals were good and normal. Blood sugar 84, blood pressure 124/69, pulse 79. Oxygen levels I know they were checking them since she has a CPAP machine for sleep apnea; not sure what they were.

Mom looked good she was tired and hungry since she hasn't eaten since 10pm last night. I gave her a PB & J sandwich to help sustain her through this ordeal. We'll see how it goes. They'll put her under general anesthesia and I know I didn't wake up well and was sick for 2 weeks after the surgery with general anesthesia. But mom seemed to be fine with it.

The hospital wanted her to wait until noon to come and not eat anything from midnight on and I called them back and said I don't think so. She is a diabetic with renal failure and you want her to go 12 hours without food or water. You are crazy; I said if we have to we'll reschedule the surgery to put her in the morning; but not at 12 noon. Well they got the schedule moved around and it is earlier but not much better. She already told me what she wants to eat when she gets home. Two scrambled eggs, and a salad. Also a piece of candy with sugar not sugar free stuff either. I'll bring her a couple of jelly dots; one of her favorites.

I'll try to update this today once I hear more.


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